Youth Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory Committee

Incorporating the voices of our youth into new and existing services, programs, and communication materials has become invaluable at Pathstone. That’s why we have created a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), to give our Youth Advisors a chance to create change and raise awareness about children’s mental health - directly from the source.

From ages 14 to 25, our diverse committee participates at Pathstone by:
  • Assisting with the creation of child/youth friendly content
  • Identifying barriers to service from a youth’s perspective
  • Promoting awareness and accessibility of our services to children and youth across the Niagara Region
  • Representing youth perspectives and opinions during committee meetings and at Pathstone events
  • Sharing creative ideas with their group members
  • Identifying emerging youth issues through their own personal and interpersonal experiences

Impactful YAC Projects at work!

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