Fair Notice Statement

Fair Notice Statement

What is a Threat Risk Assessment?

When we learn of a potential threat, it is important for us to determine whether a person is at risk of harm (or causing harm), and we do so by conducting a “threat risk assessment.” This is an information-driven process of determining if a threat-maker poses a risk to the target(s) they have threatened. Collaborative response teams with members from different community partners collect information through structured interviews. These teams use this information to determine “initial levels of risk” and to plan necessary risk-reducing interventions. Interviews may be held with student(s), the threat maker, parents, and staff to determine the level of risk and develop an appropriate response to the incident. Community response team members will share the information collected and discuss concerns about the safety/well-being of those involved and plans or recommendations to respond to these concerns.

What is the Purpose of a Threat Risk Assessment?

The purpose of a threat risk assessment is to support the work of community partners who are working together to reduce risk, prevent violence and promote the safety of children, youth, parents/guardians, school, and community members. This is outlined in the Niagara Community Protocol, which is designed to support community partners in gathering information whenever a threat or concerning behaviour has been identified that may put safety at risk. The community partners work together to take a caring and proactive approach to improve safety and protect against concerning behaviour in the community. Learning about a person’s behaviour and the factors that may cause a person to behave in a threatening manner helps us understand and prevent a threatening situation.

What is a Threat?

A threat is an expression of desire to harm or act violently toward someone or something. Threats may be verbal, written, drawn, posted online, or made by gesture. Staff, parents, students, and community members must report all threat-related behaviours to keep school communities safe for all.

What Behaviours Warrant a Threat Risk Assessment?

A threat risk assessment will occur when behaviours include but are not limited to:

  • serious violence or violence with intent to harm or kill;
  • verbal/written/online threats to harm or kill self or others (clear, direct, and believable);
  • possession of weapons (including replicas);
  • bomb threats (making and/or detonating explosive devices);
  • fire setting; sexual intimidation or assault;
  • gang related intimidation and violence; and
  • significant worrisome behaviour.

Collection Notice

The community partners must collect information according to personal information privacy laws, including by limiting collection only to information that is relevant and necessary to address a risk or threat. Information will not be collected as part of a threat risk assessment unless there is reason to believe a risk exists. In order to address safety concerns, the threat risk assessment process will continue whether or not the threat maker or parent/guardian consents.

If you have any questions about this notice or the Pathstone/Niagara Community Threat Risk Assessment, please contact:

Ulla Woodard

Privacy Officer

(905) 688-6850 x109


Ryan Andres

PHIPA Compliance Officer

(905) 371-0273 x410