A Warm Welcome from the CEO

Shaun Baylis - CEO

A Warm Welcome from the CEO

On behalf of myself and our team at Pathstone Mental Health, we want to welcome you and tell you a little more about your new journey with Pathstone.

In addition to providing Niagara’s children, youth and their families with the mental health support they need, we as the Lead Agency of Child and Youth Mental Health services in Niagara, also work with our community partners to ensure you have the best experience possible.

In order to ensure your children have the best outcome, we need to work together.

In Niagara, we have made Family Engagement one of our top priorities in any mental health plans made in our community. We have staff and resources who are dedicated to building collaborative partnerships with you and ensuring that your family's voice is a part of our planning and decision-making. To learn more about our commitment to family engagement, please visit our Family Engagement page.

Our goal is to provide every family in Niagara with seamless access to care in a timely manner. To complement this effort, we are now the access point to all child and youth mental health services in Niagara.

We believe that to enhance the mental health and well-being of children, youth, and families we must:

  • Promote family and youth-centered principles and approaches
  • Build on strengths and expand capabilities
  • Strive for diversity competence
  • Implement evidence-based research and best practices
  • Embrace collaboration and build relationships to achieve integrated services

I can say with confidence that the entire team at Pathstone looks forward to supporting you, your children, and youth the best way we know how.


Shaun Baylis, CEO Pathstone Mental Health

Shaun Baylis - CEO