Family Engagement

Family Engagement

At its core, Family Engagement is a partnership where families play an active role in decision-making at individual, organizational, and systemic levels in mental health services for children and youth. The Provincial Standard sets expectations for family engagement in child and youth mental health services, defining family as a circle of care offering enduring commitment, whether biological, emotional, cultural, or legal.

Quality Standards in Action

Niagara's child and youth mental health service providers, including Pathstone Mental Health, Niagara Health, and Centre de Santé, are committed to a quality action plan. This plan focuses on eight areas of engagement: Co-Development, Commitment, Communication, Diversity & Inclusivity, Empowerment, Ongoing Learning, Partnership, and Research & Evaluation.

To learn more about Family Engagement Quality Standards click here.

Family Advisory Committee for Engagement (FACE)

FACE is a group of like-minded family members and individuals with lived experiences pertaining to mental health, addiction, autism, and developmental services, representing various child and youth service organizations across the Niagara Region. Our goal is to positively impact the way child and youth services within Niagara are created and enacted, whilst creating a safe space for all of our members.

With Pathstone’s support, partner agencies across the region are now able to access the resources needed to be successful within the community - creating a unified voice amongst all agencies in Niagara.

Group members will not only have an impact on the way children and youth services are planned and delivered, but will be able to connect with caregivers who provide these same services across the region. A full circle moment for our members who are passionate about their shared experiences and knowledge of the mental health space.

Join Our Regional Network

Time commitment, dependent on the number of initiatives you choose!

  • The opportunity to take on opportunities of interest
  • You will be contacted directly about participating in things like working groups, surveys, focus groups etc. and will be told of the purpose and time commitment.

Join Our Regional Advisory Team

Time commitment will range from 90 minutes to 5 hours monthly (Typically through virtual meetings and email feedback)!

  • Advise and partner with organizations to support engagement and partnerships with families and organizations. 
  • As a group, we will both identify areas and topics of interest to families related to service delivery, how it impacts families and how they are supported. 
  • The opportunity to participate in sub-committees is also available and is optional.
If you are interested in applying for either group, please fill out the form below