Pet Pals of Pathstone

Pet Pals of Pathstone

Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for every child and youth. Sometimes a tender lick from a furry friend or the presence of a calm and quiet gecko can make a difference in how a child opens up. At Pathstone, we are continually improving and expanding our methods of treatment and are proud to introduce you to the Pet Pals of Pathstone. They are unique in their own way, just like every child. 

Meet Zane

Meet Zane, Pathstone's  facility support dog (FSD). He came to us thanks to Lions Foundation Dog Guides. He is a 2 year old male standard poodle and the newest member of the Pathstone team.

As a working dog, Zane will provide a safe and nurturing place for children (and their caregivers) to share their stories and struggles and ease them into the therapeutic environment with a friendly face and a lick.

Special thanks to our PET CARE TEAM; Vansickle Pet Valu, Martindale Animal Clinic, Chiropractic on Fourth, The Canine Cartel Dog Grooming and Dr. Jim Turpel (DVM).

Meet Joey

Joey is a 5 year old albino gecko. He came to Pathstone in 2019 as part of a funding grant from Pets In The Classroom and started his role here working with little ones aged 6-9. When Joey was born, he experienced an unfortunate accident that lead to an early tail-drop. His traumatic start in life became the building blocks of teaching children how to overcome challenges and demonstrate resiliency. Joey assists kids by providing a calm, quiet and interactive experience.

FUN FACTS About Joey: He's actually a GIRL but we didn't know that for the first year. He as poor eyesight so is hand fed by many adoring staff members, he makes small chirp sounds when he's happy, and is potty trained (he uses a paper towel-toilet)!