Dealing with Anxiety

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Carlie Beach, Clinics Facilitator, CYW
Topic: Dealing with Anxiety

Carlie Beach is a Child and Youth Worker facilitating Anxiety Clinics as well as CPS Clinics leading caregivers, children, and youth towards supportive, healthy and collaborative home environments. Carlie has experience working in a variety of roles at Pathstone, including in our lived in treatment services helping youth who struggle with mental health challenges find healthy ways to not only to cope but to thrive. Carlie enjoys gardening and spending time taking her dogs on adventures across Niagara.

Dealing with Anxiety using F.E.A.R. —is an acronym taught in anxiety clinics
F-feeling frightened
E-expecting bad things to happen
A-Attitudes and actions that can help
R-results and rewards

Pathstone Metal HealthDealing with Anxiety