Pathstone's workshops are led by highly trained professionals with extensive experience in supporting children, adolescents, and families facing mental health challenges.

Please note that payments for workshops are accepted in cash or by cheque only.

Day Treatment

Our intensive Day Treatment service, conducted in specialized classrooms, supports clients facing challenges in behavioural, social-emotional, and potentially, learning areas that hinder academic progress. With small class sizes, an inter-professional team facilitates treatment and education. Families actively engage in treatment planning, training, and counseling. For children up to Grade 8, classes are held at our Mountainview site or two community schools, while youth from Grade 9 to 12 attend classrooms at six different secondary schools throughout Niagara. The program duration is tailored to individual treatment needs, generally spanning one school year. The goal is to equip children and youth with skills and strategies for successful reintegration into a regular classroom.

Access Mental Health Support