Student Interns/Placements

Each year, students are accepted from both College and University programs to complete placement hours at Pathstone. Supported by our multidisciplinary team, we offer a variety of placement opportunities that extend throughout the agency’s programs, and site locations.

Placements are of great mutual benefit to both our organization, as well as coop students and interns.

Students complement our team in that they enhance the delivery of service and increase the supports we can offer to the children youth and families that we serve. During their placement period with us, students engage in practical, hands-on, clinical experience and gain skills that will assist them in their career development.

Students and / or Institutions seeking student placement opportunities may contact us at:

Students are approved to begin placements in May, September and January.

In order to be considered for a placement opportunity, our application process consists of submitting the following documents to

Applications are accepted until January 31st for May start dates.

Applications are accepted until April 15th for September start dates.

Applications are accepted until September 15th for January start dates.

Should you have any direct inquiries about student placements please connect with us at

Pathstone Metal HealthStudent Interns/Placements