Intensive Services

Intensive Child and Family Services provides counselling, therapy and parent training in the home, school and community settings for families who have children with serious emotional and behavioural problems. This service helps to prevent family breakdown and is provided by specially trained family counsellors when traditional counselling is not sufficient.

PathstoneMentalHealth-IntensiveServicesDay Treatment (Offered at the Mountainview Centre for Innovative Learning and in Secondary Schools.)

This intensive treatment service is provided in a specialized classroom setting using small class sizes with treatment and education provided by a multi-disciplinary team. The service helps students who are unable to benefit from a regular school program because of their behavioural, emotional, and learning disorders that interfere with academic progress. Parents participate in treatment planning, parent training, and family counselling and therapy.

Through an agreement with the District School Board of Niagara, children and youth up to Grade 8, attend classrooms at our Merrittville site and youth, Grade nine to 18th birthday attend one of our six classrooms at five different secondary schools throughout Niagara. The length of stay is determined by the individual treatment needs. The goal is to assist children and youth to develop their academic, behavioural, and social skills in order to re-integrate back into a regular classroom.

Live in Treatment Services (Offered at Rotary House)

Live in Treatment Services provides a home-like atmosphere when children and youth cannot function within their own home for a time. Intensive counselling and treatment are provided to children and youth along with support for parents and family. The goal is to strengthen the family and provide coping strategies that will enable the child/youth to return home.

Outreach Services

Three programs are included in Outreach Services. Each service is capable of providing support in the home, school or community. This support may take the form of consultation, parent training, behaviour management. Services are not limited to an hour a week, they are flexible and varied depending on the goals for the service. The service addresses the needs of families and works with all family members.

Mobile Intensive Treatment Team (MITT)

The Mobile Intensive Treatment Team (MITT) is a Community-Based Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team. The MITT team provides treatment, support and consultation for children ages birth to 18 with complex needs such as: complex co-morbid mental health issues, dual diagnoses, and autism and/or complex developmental concerns. These services are offered throughout the Niagara Region in family homes, schools and communities.

Family Preservation Program (FPP)

The Family Preservation Program (FPP) FPP has two components to it. The first one is providing the most integrated and intensive supports to children and families within the agency. FPP offers service in home, schools and community. FPP services are flexible and are varied depending on the service needs. FPP primarily receives referrals from FACS Niagara with the hope of keeping families together or supporting returning to the alternate placements. FPP also runs psycho-educational training for Foster parents and Adoptive parents.

All referrals for any of the in-home intensive services under the Outreach umbrella come through Contact Niagara – 905-684-3407.

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