High Risk Services

Specialized treatment service for inappropriate sexualized behaviours. Youth charged with sexual offence, counselling for children/ youth who have been sexually abused, fire setting, those identified at an elevated risk to harm them self or others.

Boy looking down photoArson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C)

The Fire Involved Program is the mental health portion of The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPP-C) as developed by the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health in Toronto. This program has been highly successful in preventing further incidents in young people with fire-setting behaviours. The program is available for children and youth prior to their 18th birthday. Fire-setting behaviours need to be treated very seriously as these behaviours can lead to severe property damage, injury, and even death. The Fire Involve Program primarily addresses these behaviours but also looks at other co-existing concerns as well.

Sexualized Treatment Out-Patient Program (STOP)

The Sexual Treatment Outpatient Program (STOP) is a mental health treatment based program for children/youth over the age of twelve who are exhibiting sexual behaviour problems or have been charged with a sexual offence.

Research shows that the average age of a victim is slightly over four years of age and a child with sexualized behaviour problems will have 3.5 victims by the age of 10. Without behaviour specific treatment, these children/youth are at much greater risk to continue offending, often increasing the number of victims and the severity of the sexual offence.

The STOP program has a proven success rate of over 90%. Great attention is paid to ensure extensive safety planning, comprehensive assessment, and high quality treatment in co-operation with professionals and agencies within Niagara and beyond. The sooner sexualized behaviour in children and youth is identified and treated, fewer victims will have to suffer significant trauma.

In a separate treatment program, STOP also treats children and youth who have been victims of sexual assault/abuse.

High Risk Suicidal and High Risk of Violence

A program for youth that have been identified as being at an elevated risk to harm themselves or others. Often these youth are identified and referred to Pathstone by community partners including police, schools, hospitals, or child welfare. These youth are provided intensive individualized service designed to reduce the imminent risk they pose to themselves or others. Once risk has been reduced the youth is referred to a more appropriate and less intense service or program.

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