Fee for Service Division

Pathstone provides Divorce and Separation services that are not government funded. Therefore there is a fee for these services. These services are separate from the mental health services that Pathstone offers and referrals are made directly to the agency.

Divorce and separation services

Separation and divorce impacts all children regardless of how well parents are getting along both during and after the break-up.

It is important to help children and families cope with change and for children to maintain relationships with both parents after separation as much as possible. Children can feel responsible for the family break-up, or hold on to a false hope that their parents may get back together. Our separation and divorce programs are focused on promoting a healthy adjustment for children and youth.

Child and Parent Reconciliation Counselling – Currently on hold

Reconciliation counselling offers a divorced/separated parent who has not seen their child(ren) for a period of time, or children who are resisting an opportunity to re-connect and re-establish a relationship in a supported, neutral, and safe environment. Decision making responsibilities must have been agreed on and/or court ordered.

A trained social worker will work separately with the child, and both parents to uncover reasons why there may be resistance. The therapist then works towards re-establishing the relationship, provided it would be in the best interest of the child(ren) to do so. This reconciliation program has had a 72% success rate in helping families move forward with visitation.

Reconciliation Counselling is available without a legal agreement.

In response to requests, it is possible to enter into Reconciliation Counselling without either going to court or working with lawyers to achieve an agreement.

Submission of a Letter of Intent to Participate in Reconciliation Counselling by both the party seeking reconciliation and the parent/guardian of the child (or children) will start the reconciliation counselling process.

All guidelines in the Letter of Intent and relating to the process of Reconciliation Counselling must be followed or the contract will be terminated.

Pathstone Mental Health strongly suggests that legal counsel be sought before entering into any process related to Divorce and Separation that may go before the courts.

Fee: (You may be eligible for group insurance coverage through your employer.)

  • Retainer $950 ($95 per hour)
  • There is a one time charge of $170 to open your file

Individual counselling

One to one counselling is available with a trained clinician to assist children or families to cope with the stresses of separation & divorce, as well as adjust to issues related to living in a blended family.

Fee:(You may be eligible for group insurance coverage through your employer.)

  • $475 retainer ($95 per hour)

Custody and Access Assessments – Currently on hold

A custody and access assessment is used by the Court to help determine the best interests of the child. The assessment addresses the needs and interests of the child and seeks to determine what parenting arrangement can best meet both of those needs.

The Assessment is completed by a registered Social Worker and is based on two primary sources: information gathering and interviews. The information gathering portion of the assessment will draw from a variety of sources which typically includes a review of the court records pertaining to the current matter, criminal reference checks on the parents (and on new partners, if applicable), school reports, previous assessments, medical reports and reports from the local children’s aid society.

During the interview portion of the assessment, the Social Worker will meet with the children and both parents, as well as new partners. Interviews with other collateral individuals may be scheduled based on the needs of the child and the family dynamics.

Upon completion of the Assessment Report the assessor will meet with the parents to review the Report and its recommendations. This meeting may also include the parent’s lawyers.

Fee: A retainer of $3600 will be required at the commencement of service. The hourly rate charged for the assessment is $120/hour. A custody and access assessment typically takes between 50 and 75 hours to complete.

Referral process:

To make a referral, the parent/guardian can call Pathstone directly at 905-688-6850, ext. 258 and speak with the Divorce and Separation Services Manager who will take the necessary information and assign a Social Worker to the family. The family will then be contacted by the Social Worker to set up an appointment.

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