Early Years

5 year old ’Emily‘ is aggressive with her friends, her parents, and her teacher. She screams, kicks, and punches when things don’t go her way. She blames herself for her parent’s divorce.

Treated early, children and youth with mental health disorders will grow up to become strong, productive members of society, ready for life’s challenges. An integral part of treatment with young children is the parent/guardian’s commitment to being involved in the process by ensuring their child attends therapy on a regular basis and by using the strategies and recommendations provided by the counsellor/therapist in session.

Early Years Programs for children aged birth to 6 and their families, are provided in the following ways:

  • Kids and Families Matter (KFM)
  • Early Assessment Support and Intervention (EASI)
  • Early Years Counselling and Consultation
  • Infant Mental Health Clinics (children aged 0-3)

Kids and Families Matter Service (KFM)

The Kids and Families Matter Service provides consultation and direct behavioural support for child care professionals who are working with children from birth to 6 years of age (or older in the case of centres with before and after school care for older children) in licensed child care centres and OEYCs.

A continuum of services from Monitoring to Full Service will be provided and these services may include:

  • provision of behavioural strategies to centre and parent
  • recommendation to Child Care Centre Supervisor to access supports and training through QCCN
  • linkages to other professional services including facilitating referral through Contact Niagara for Pathstone Mental Health treatment services
  • transition to school meetings

The Early Assessment, Support, and Intervention Service (EASI)

The Early Assessment, Support, and Intervention Service (EASI) promotes the healthy, social, and emotional development of preschool-aged children and their families. Children are assessed and services are individualized to meet the needs of the child and family.

Services include:

  • assessment
  • counselling
  • play therapy
  • parent training and guidance
  • consultation with child care providers and/or school personnel

Early Years Counselling and Consultation

Early Years Counselling and Consultation (formerly known as Niagara Preschool Resource Service) provides consultation and training services for parents, caregivers, and other professionals, who are involved with children from birth to 6 years of age.

Services include:

  • information & assistance in accessing community services
  • assistance in the development of effective behaviour management interventions in the home
  • guidance in strengthening parenting skills
  • presentations, groups, and educational workshops for parents
  • professional development and training workshops for professionals
  • consultation with professionals regarding behavioural issues

Infant Mental Health Clinic

The goal of this clinic is to educate parents and primary caregivers on the basics of early mental health, the formation of healthy attachment, self-care, brain development, and play.

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