What to Expect When Visiting

Through COVID-19, we have implemented steps and measures to ensure you and your family are and feel safe and protected.

In accordance with Niagara Public Health, we have implemented the following guidelines:

Maintaining Physical Distancing and the Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The importance of physical distancing remains in effect. We are asked to keep two meters (six feet) from one another.

In all public spaces in our building, masks covering the mouth and nose are mandatory.


Nothing will fight the spread of this illness better than proper and frequent handwashing and diligent sanitizing. We have taken the following measures to meet Public Health sanitizing guidelines.

  • Installed multiple hand sanitizing stations.
  • Removed paper products, plastic toys and electronics from our lobby
  • “Public rooms” are properly sanitized before and after meetings
  • Signs are posted detailing proper handwashing, sneezing, and coughing techniques to reduce spread of the virus.
Pathstone Metal HealthWhat to Expect When Visiting