What is an I-Session?

An I-Session is an in-person appointment designed to give you clear understanding of how Pathstone Mental Health works. We want you to be aware of how important the role is that your family plays in this process. The I-Session is a great way to get to know us better and provide an opportunity to ask any questions your may have.

*Please note, not all Pathstone programs require an I-Session.

The I-Session appointment will support you, and help you support your child/youth in their treatment. This is not you or your child’s first counselling session. Instead, we will provide you with information about the programs we offer. You will also be asked to complete questions and information forms that will best inform our team on what the most appropriate treatment program could be  for your child/youth.

No, the I-Session is designed to give families information to best prepare them to support their child/youth through their treatment.

There are some sessions offering child-minding, however, not all session offer this service. Sessions with child minding will be indicated when you book your session.

No. We will have everything you need.

The I-Session typically takes 60-90 minutes.

No. The I-Session is delivered in a group setting. If you are unable or uncomfortable attending a group session, please contact Lisa Merlino at 905-688-6580 ext. 116 to help you.

If you are unable to attend your booked I-Session, return to the online link origionally sent to you and book another session following the same steps you did to book the initial appointment.

It is important for families to understand the I-Session is the first step in your child/youth receiving treatment. Your child/youth will not be assigned to a program until you have completed an I-Session. Important to note, once you have missed three scheduled I-Session appointments without calling or making alternative arrangements, your child/youth’s file will be closed and they will not be assigned to a treatment program at Pathstone.

Pathstone Metal HealthWhat is an I-Session?