Research and Education Institute


Pathstone Mental Health has established the Pathstone Children’s Mental Health Research Institute to actively pursue children’s mental health research. Pathstone is actively involved in program evaluation and research studies. All research activities require approval from the Pathstone Research and Ethics Committee. We are also a member of the Institute for the Study of Exceptional Development in partnership with Brock University. Dr. Sidney Segalowicz is the Research Advisor.

Education and Training Institute

Pathstone has developed an Education and Training Institute. Since its inception there has been over 60 graduate students (students working toward their Masters in Psychology, Social Work, Mental Health Counselling, or Doctoral students in Clinical, Educational, and Developmental Psychology). In addition the institute has developed training workshops in a number of areas and has presented at over 15 conferences or training sessions. Dr. Fran Owen is the Advisor to the Institute.

Projects currently underway and coming to the Branscombe Mental Health Centre

Study 1 – ADHD & Anxiety – Dr. Ayda Tekok-Kilic, Neuropsychologist

  • To understand the link between anxiety, ADHD and SPD and their multi-level relationship with temperament and executive functions in children and adolescents with ADHD and Anxiety

Study 2 – Complicated & Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Issues – Dr. Dawn Good, Clinical Neuropsychologist

  • Understand the complex mental health needs of children/youth in the Niagara region

Study 3 – Brock Healthy Youth Project  –  Approved and endorsed by the World Health Organization

  • This is a 5 year, $1.4 million project
  • It involves 18 researchers and over 30 partner organizations, including Pathstone
  • Looking at brain development and why risk behavior is more dominant in some youth and not others

Future Studies (Two Clinics) on OCD and Neurodevlopmental Disorders – Dr. Tricia Vause, Clinical Psychologist

  • Using a transdiagnostic approach, this clinic would be a the first of its kind to directly target both physical and mental health with a blended approach of dance and behavior therapy to improve motor skills, executive functioning, social skills and to promote belonging and connection among our young people. 
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